Health & Fitness

Want to Run or Walk with Other Moms? Get ready to join the NEK’s Health and Fitness Momentum!

Shh…there’s something exciting brewing in the NEK.

If you’d love, love, love to FINALLY get fit this year, but use the “I need to be around others to get motivated” excuse, you absolutely must save this date: Tuesday, May 17th.  That’s when you are going to start walking or running with other moms, dads and your kids–that is, if you haven’t started sooner!


A trail running series on the Kingdom Trails’ award winning trail network  is in the works! The series is for all fitness levels and ages, from seasoned endurance athletes to people who have procrastinated much too long about exercise.  So, say goodbye to excuses.  Put a big X on Tuesday nights on your calendar beginning May 17th.  Bring your spouse, friends and children.  This series will inspire you to fall in love with VT Spring and Summer, the great outdoors, and exercise all over again–or for the first time!


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