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I’m a Coupon Geek, Nut, Freak, and I Even Talk Like One

I love, love, love scoring fabulous deals.  Like my deal of the day today.  I snagged 5 bottles of High Efficiency Tide at Rite Aid for a net of $3, after applying manufacturers’ coupons, Up+, and other coupons!  Oh, yeah, there was also that cool free nail polish, too, but I digress.

If you love deals or are hoping to join the extreme (or not so extreme) coupon momentum, you’ve got to know how to talk the talk.

Here’s the coupon jargon (a.k.a. buzzwords) you need to know:

Peelies.  These are those coupons stuck to products on store shelves.  For example, today I found a $2 off offer affixed to contact lens solution at Rite Aid.  Yes, if you’re wondering, I did BUY the solution.

Stacking. When you combine multiple coupons, in effect, “stacking” them for awesome deals.  Note:  not all stores permit stacking, but many do.  Check your local store policies.

Blinkies.  We’re not talking anything to do with baby pacifiers or blankets here.  We’re talking about those coupon machines found in store aisles.  You know, the ones that have the blinking lights that kids can’t seem to resist pushing over and over again and watching coupons spew out of the machine all over the grocery store floor?

Catalinas.  Those coupons that spit out at the grocery store check-out, which all too often clerks “forget” to fork over to you.  Remember:  Ask and you shall receive.  Don’t be fooled, good things come in those coupons.  Yesterday, I scored a surprise bonus off my next Price Chopper order.

Tearpad.  These are the pads that you find in stores next to products or situated on clever displays — you can “tear” off these coupons!


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