Interested in Lyndon History? Read this.

While visiting a Lyndon State College alum’s house, I couldn’t resist looking through her copy of Lyndon Memories: Celebrating Lyndon State College’s First 100 Years, by NEKer Robert Michaud, which happened to be sitting on their counter.  For anyone interested in Lyndon State College (or Lyndon Teachers College) history, this is a fascinating read!

For homeschoolers (or even non-homeschoolers), this could be the foundation of an interesting unit on local history.   By the way, if you’re reading this and think, I’m totally uninterested in history or asking yourself why do my kids really need to learn history?  Chew on this…. It’s said that history helps teach identity and understand societal development, among other benefits.  Understanding identity and how we got to where we are now can help foster community appreciation, an understanding of how we fit into the grand scheme of local life (and life generally) and of course, promote community involvement and good citizenship.

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