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A Little About NEK MOMS…

NEK Moms aren’t your average kind of mothers.  First off, let’s set the record straight, living in the most rural part of the tiny State of Vermont, known for long, snowy winters and 4-seasons of outdoor adventure isn’t for the faint of heart. 

It takes guts and a little bit of fearlessness.

NEK Moms know how to dress a child in layers, so s/he doesn’t freeze while waiting for the morning school bus to arrive. Or while waiting for a local homeschooling fieldtrip to start.

NEK Moms know that there’s a big difference between summer and winter tires.  And, NEK Moms are pretty savvy when it comes to specialized knowledge or skills, like how to live off the land, hunt, change flat tires, split firewood, garden, light a woodstove. 

Of course, NEK Moms can also ski, snowmobile, trail run, and bike on some of the finest trails in North America–at times putting their ‘flatlander’ (as they are ever so affectionately called) counterparts to shame.

While not all NEK Moms may have closets filled with the latest Prada or Jimmy Choo, they love their fleece, down jackets, and boots. They also know how to shop ’til they drop and have fun just the same.

Northeast Kingdom Moms and Dads are a diverse group of mothers and fathers with a collective gamut of life experience. This experience ranges from stay-at-home parents, part-time and full-time employees, professionals, remote employees, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed, including those who are construction workers, bakers, cleaners, clerks, cashiers, nurses, attorneys, interior decorators, ski instructors, photographers, organic gardeners, professors, herbalists, and oh, so many others.  

NEK Moms share a range of parenting and educational philosophies–from mindful, attachment parenting to let ’em be kids, from pro home-study to pro public school, and from the liberal to the most conservative on the spectrum.

Most importantly, NEK Moms are moms and dads doing and giving the best they can to their children and to their communities within Vermont’s beautiful Northeast Kingdom.

Welcome to the NEK. We’re so glad you found us.

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  • Bernadette W.

    Hello out there! Well, I have to say up front that I am not from the NEK. I’m actually not even from Vermont, (Washington state, actually) but our family is planning a move there in late spring/early summer (my husband is from Georgia VT). That being the situation, I’m trying to find out about where I’m going to be living, and more importantly, trying to find homeschool community/co-ops,/support…something? We have homeschooled for 9 years over here in the Pacific Northwest, but for some reason I’ve been on the struggle bus looking for resources in Vermont. Surely I am just looking in the wrong place…. Please help! Is there anybody out there who would take pity on this west coast mama?

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