snack bars and food trucks in vermont's northeast kingdom nek

Snack Bars

Snack bars are an old school Vermont thing. Don’t miss out! And be sure to also check out the modern spin on snack bars: Food trucks. Food trucks abound in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, particularly during mountain bike and sports seasons!

Snack Bars

B & W Snack Bar (Orleans). If you’re in Vermont’s North Country, this is the place to stop if you’re in the mood for a snack bar experience, including burgers, lobster rolls, ice cream. 3098 Barton Orleans Road, Orleans. (802) 754-8579

Will-O-Bee Snack Bar. If you’re hanging out at Lake Willoughby or passing through the area with the kids, this place serves up a tasty snack bar experience. Located on the North end of Willoughby side of the lake. 999 Willoughby Lake Rd, Orleans. (802) 754-9967

Food Trucks

Village Sport Shop Trailside. (Lyndonville). Located next to the Wildflower Inn on Darling Hill Road. Find food trucks here during the mountain bike season on Kingdom Trails.

Joe’s Pond. (Danville). Find food trucks, like a fried clam and fries, for take away or eating lakeside.

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