Connect with Local Moms & Dads

Mindful Moms and Dads of the NEK. If you’re into Attachment or Mindful Parenting and/or are new to Vermont’s NEK, you can connect with other like-minded parents right away as a member of this private (closed) Facebook Group.



  • Lindsey

    I love this FB group, however, it’s concerning to me that there have been people admitted to the group that are not parents, soon-to-be parents, step parents, babysitters, grandparents or childcare providers.

    • admin

      Hi Lindsey, The NEK Moms Facebook page is public. That means anyone can like the page. There is no group admission. I’m wondering if perhaps you are thinking of the Mindful Moms and Dads of the NEK FB page, which is a closed group. That group is not affiliated with and is not part of the FB group. That group has its own moderators.

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