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Where to Find Reliable Homeschooling in Vermont Information

Vermont is an ideal place to raise a family. It’s also a great place to homeschool your children.

Homeschooling in Vermont

As a parent who has homeschooled her children for many years (my oldest recently graduated) and helped others start on the homeschooing journey, I’ve frequently heard or read over the years that Vermont is a ‘tough’ place to homeschool.

Why? Bureaucracy. Homeschooling in Vermont requires initial student registration, submission of a professional evidence/disability form, outline of curriculum (*not annually if certain requirements are met), and annual end-of-year assessments in the form of a teacher assessment, student portfolio, or standardized testing.

Compared to some states, Vermont’s requirements sound tough. However, compared to others, which require school hour logging, school year submissions, and testing, homeschooling in Vermont doesn’t sound so bad.

But don’t let paperwork discourage you from homeschooling. There are many resources available to you that will help make homeschooling registration, annual assessments, planning, and daily homeschooling life manageable. Plus, the homeschooling community stretches throughout Vermont and offers support, opportunities, and resources for families to ensure homeschool success and enjoyment.

In Vermont, May 1st is the deadline for home study registration for the current year. Registrations after that date are for the upcoming (fall) school year. You can learn more by contacting the Home Study Office at the Vermont Agency of Education.

Vermont Homeschool Resources

  • HSLDA. Homeschooling law, rights, cases, and resources.


  • Oak Meadow. Based in Vermont, Oak Meadow is a State treasure for providing homeschool curriculum, support, and resources for homeschoolers in Vermont and around the world.

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