Walks & Hikes

Basin (New Hampshire).  Take I-93 south toward Concord.  Follow road signs for the Basin.  Mixed paved and well-packed trails.  Ample lot parking.

Groton State Park.  (Peacham).  Features trail options suitable for short kid-friendly outings.

Kingdom Trails.  Day pass or annual membership required.  Miles and miles of kid-friendly walking, running or biking trails, including great trails and views on Darling Hill, East Burke/Lyndonville.

St. Johnsbury Municipal Forest.  Variety of kid-friendly trail options. Head down Alms House Road for parking.

Red Trail.  (Burke Mountain). Enter Burke Mountain Sherburne Base Lodge Parking lot.  Trail head is located at far end of lot.  Take trail to CCC road.

Vail Hill Trails (Lyndonville).  Access trails behind/near Lyndon State College/Lyndon Children’s Center.

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