Maple Sugar Houses

Maple syrup making is what makes Vermont.  Ask any Vermont Maple Sugarmaker, there’s art and science to making yummy maple syrup.  Whether you’re local or visiting Vermont, a visit to a sugar house with kids is a must do in late winter in Vermont.  There’s so much to experience, from yummy smells and tastes to educational discoveries.

In Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, there are many locals who tap trees on their own properties for small scale production and personal, family use (think pancakes, baking and gifts).  There’s also the commercial production of maple syrup, which is annually big huge business for many NEKers.

Here’s a list (not exhaustive) of sugar houses in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom that may welcome your visit  — call ahead first though to confirm (802 area code):

Bill’s Lakeshore Maples (Newport). 334-2448

Center Hill Maples (Barnet). 633-4491

Deer Ridge Maple (Derby). 766-5447

Echo Hill Farm (Craftsbury). 586-2239

Goss’ Sugar House (Barnet).  633-4743

D&D Sugarwoods Farm (Glover). 525-3718

You can learn more about Vermont Maple Syrup and sugarmakers here.

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