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NEKMoms: Weekend Reading Round-up

It’s hard to believe that August is nearly over!  Before the back-to-school rush takes over, here’s the NEKMoms weekly round-up–so when you have a few minutes to yourself, grab your coffee mug and sit back….

10 Money Saving Tips to Save $1,000 for the Holidays (Budgeting in the Fun Stuff)
Six Steps to a Satisfied Retirement (MoneyFunk)
Back to School Organizing Tips (Simplify101)
Step Parent Advice: Winning Ways for Non-Biological Moms and Dads (Loving Your Child)
10 Ways to Make Money Online From Anywhere (GenX Finance)
11 Secrets to Starting a Business When You Have No Money (Sprout Grown)

And, Finally, the Valedictorian Speech that Went Viral (a.k.a. Why Public Schools Fail Kids and Why Homeschooling Numbers are Exploding):

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