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NEK Moms: Whatcha Reading This Week Kingdom Mommies?

It’s looks like a beautiful week ahead in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Hot and Sunny, and back-to-school or not-back-to school for many public/private school and homeschool children. When it’s time to kick back–and you actually have time to do so!–here are a few reading picks for your week ahead:

But Mommy, There are No Toys (Surrender Dorothy)
How Do You Spell S-H-C-O-O-L? (Guerrilla Homeschooling)
Breast Feeding Was an Easy Choice Because I’m Cheap (Funsucker via Crunchy VT Mommy)
How to Budget in Less than 20 Minutes a Week (Moolanomy)

What are you reading NEK mommies? Read a good post lately? If so, please share the link in the comments below!

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  • Hanna Nelson

    First post-
    I just finished reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. Excellent book that encourages one to live a better life!

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