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17 Reasons Vermont’s NEK is a Great Place for Moms

Could there possibly be a better place to live and raise children than in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom?  We didn’t think so either.

Here are 17 reasons Vermont’s NEK is a great place for moms to live and raise children!

1.  Small Communities and villages.  This is all good since it takes a village to raise a child.

2.  School opportunities for children to learn skiing or skating.

3.  Mega green space!

4.  Beautiful community playgrounds, like the one at Lyndon Town School.

5.  Little traffic = less time sitting in traffic = fewer headaches.

6.  Proximity to the urban scene (Boston, NYC, Montreal, Burlington), yet offers the best of rural / country life.

7.  Family-friendly restaurants, including kid-favorites like the Miss Lyndonville Diner.

8.  Old Fashioned General Stores with “Penny Candy” for the kids!

9.  Abundance of opportunities for outdoor adventure and exercise, with or without children in tow.

10.  No questions asked about why you own an SUV.

11.  Where else can you sit by the fire nearly EVERY NIGHT with a good book or glass of wine after the kids are in bed?

12.  Landscape.  Beautiful and clean lakes and beaches.  Country dirt roads for biking, running or walking.  Fields for star gazing. Mountains and trails for hiking, snowmobiling, skiing.  Rivers for fishing and swimming.

13.  Your children can grow up knowing their neighbors–and everyone else in town for that matter!

14.  Extracurricular galore!  Though perhaps somewhat scaled down, there are few activities you can’t find here–and few you can ONLY find here for your children.

15.  The full spectrum of Stay-at-Home Moms, Part or Full-Time Mothers and Professionals, too!

16.  A vibrant homeschool community.

17.  Quality of Life.  Quality of Life.  QUALITY OF LIFE!     
Moms, what do you love about the NEK?

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