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Cut Your Own Christmas Trees

Excited for the holiday season, our family set out to cut our own Christmas tree last weekend. Though Thanksgiving leftovers still sat in the refrigerator, we couldn’t resist what seemed like the perfect Vermont day for our own Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation tree outing.  It was snowy, but not frigid, and the roads and trees were covered with fresh snow.

We discovered that Caledonia County (here in the NEK) takes the annual cake for the number of Christmas trees sold in Vermont.  After doing some research, we settled on Steve Parker’s Christmas Tree Farm–High Reach Farm–in Danville (accessible through Danville or Wheelock).  Parker’s tree farm doesn’t use herbicides or pesticides–all organic and eco-friendly here.  Interestingly, the trees at the farm are grown/cut in a way that gives them a stacked appearance (an old school method known as ‘stump culture’)…you actually cut a tree about waist high.  Not your typical cut-your-own experience. Parker sells trees at remarkably affordable prices ($15-$25, depending on height), when you consider the prices organic trees sell for in the bigger towns and outside of Vermont.

In the Northeast Kingdom, there are several cut-your-own Christmas tree options:

Asack & Son Tree Farm
1013 Lebanc Road, Barton VT (802) 754-6934

High Reach Farm

2847 Tampico Road, Danville, VT (802) 748-3512

Tester’s Vermont Christmas Trees
2317 Roaring Brook Rd, Barton, VT

Salomaa Tree Plantation

30 Batten Road, Stannard, VT

1514 Vertical Mile Road, Wheelock, VT

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NEK Moms, did we miss any other cut-your-own places in Vermont’s NEK?  If so, leave us a comment below or send us an email nekmoms [*at*] gmail [*dot*] com.

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