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Moms and Dads, Launch Your Own Business Next Year

Those who know me well, know I have a thing for Costco–to the point that I even do a quick flip through the pages of the Costco Connection magazine before chucking it into the recycle bin each month.  True dedication, I know.

In the latest edition, I stumbled across a feature that prompted me to write this post.  It’s a series of snapshot summaries that look at people across the country who have launched businesses under unexpected financial or personal conditions, such as the fashion worker who got a corporate pink slip, and after sitting around for three months figuring out what to do with her life, came up with a cool online business idea.  And, then there’s the stay-at-home mom who turned her passion for baking cookies into a million dollar business.

Yes, You Can Start a Home Business!

It may seem like a far stretch, but YOU can start your own business in 2011.  Whether you’re working full-time in corporate America or a stay-at-home mom in the tiny-tiniest community, the world is waiting to see you launch your idea!  Many dream about starting a business.  Fewer do.  But determination to put a dream into action is what separates the doer from the dreamer.

There are many excuses not to start a business, including I don’t have enough money or I don’t know enough about business. But, some of the coolest and successful business ideas have been built on a shoestring budget. Take for example, the Frugal Dad blog which was started for $100.  And most, if not all, business owners will admit that the learning curve was steep along the way–and that the path to success is often riddled with missteps or mistakes.

Pointers for Rural Moms (and Dads)

Small town moms and dads should keep in mind that the Internet allows the possibility for small business ideas to grow big, globally.  Whether you live in a town of 100 or 5,000, depending on your business idea, think size and scope–how can you expand the reach of your business beyond your community?  Don’t let your location deter you.  Figure out how you can transform it into an asset.  For example, if you live in an area that is known for something particular, say organic farming, think about how you can devise a business that draws upon that foundation and momentum. If you come up with a product that you don’t think others in your neighborhood can use or afford, think about how you can use the Internet, social media or cost-effective technology to market your product to an interested demographic.

There’s Plenty of Room to Grow

Just because an idea has been done before, doesn’t mean that you can’t tweak the concept, idea or product and do it, too.  For example, if you’ve always wanted to start your own personal shopper service, but figure there’s already someone in town providing the service, don’t let that dissuade you.  Come up with a way to put your unique spin on the idea and own it!  A little competition is often a good thing for business anyway, don’t you think?

So, dream big in 2011.  Put serious thought into your idea.  Do your homework.  Research, research, research and plan.  Talk to others about your plan–maybe worry less about thinking others will “steal” your idea and spend more time using feedback and brainstorming to improve your business idea.  Most importantly, pursue an idea that you’re passionate about, for that passion will launch you toward success.

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