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Where to Find Green, Organic Extreme Coupons

Coupon critics and skeptics often argue that coupons offered by manufacturers or stores are only for unhealthy, *bad-for-you*, gonna cause the big C items.

Well, anyone who is into couponing or health conscience about what they buy with coupons will tell you that this is simply not true.  There are tons of great coupons out there for healthy and whole food living.  You can save big time on green, healthy and organic grocery items and goods.  Coupons for Silk Soymilk, Nasoya, Seventh Generation, Tofu Pups, beans, organic milk & dairy, Amy’s products and veggies & fruits (yes, veggies & fruits) are no strangers in my coupon binder.

Here are couple of great places to find green, organic, whole food living coupons:

Vegan Coupons.  Click here to check out this Facebook page that seems to grow and grow with links to healthy food & personal care items.

RecycleBank.  This is a totally cool site to gather high value eco-friendly coupons and also to learn about how you can make more green choices in your life.

Manufacturers’ Websites.  If you have a favorite green product, why not go directly to the source?  Many manufacturers appreciate it when loyal customers contact them and tell them about their experiences; many will offer coupons as a loyalty gesture or when asked.

Sprout Grown.  This site features links to green coupons and deals.

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