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Homeschooling with a Kindle

Thanks to an enticing sale at Staples, I finally broke down and purchased a Kindle today.  The purchase wasn’t completely impulsive though. And for the record, it had nothing to do with keeping up with Kindle-loving Jones’.

You see, the Kindle app on my phone has been getting more and more me time lately.  Enough so, that I started thinking that maybe a dedicated Kindle would encourage the kids to read more, too, and maybe play less with my phone when out and about.  Then when I discovered that much of the reading that they will soon do as part of their homeschool curriculum is available for free (or cheap) in ebook form, the decision to buy a Kindle morphed into a question of when.  As in, buy, buy, buy when a really sweet deal pops up.

Fast forward a few hours after purchase.  My oldest thinks the Kindle is great.  I already anticipate lots of fighting over it tomorrow, when the others discover its potential for greatness, too.

I’m now on the prowl for free homeschool & kid-friendly and mom-approved eBooks.  Amazon appears to have many free titles, especially for Prime members.  There are also these homeschool lists.  If you have any free eBook leads, especially for emerging readers, I’m all ears! I’m sure other moms and dads wouldn’t mind a few leads, too! Please leave comments below.

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