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Make Your Own Pita Bread

My family blows through a lot of pita bread.  It dawned on me one day that I should try making pitas.  I figured not only could I potentially (1) save a lot of dough (ha, ha – sorry for the pun); (2) create different types of pitas using a variety of flours, maybe even a knock off of the oatmeal & flax ones that I love so much at the deli; and (3) ensure a constant supply of pitas – nothing like needing to run out to the store just for pitas or forgetting to buy them on a shopping trip.

After checking out a number of online recipes and trying a couple of different ones, I settled on this one.  Loved the picture-tutorial and simple instructions.  Contrary to what others had told me, making pitas (at least with a stand mixer) is nearly a breeze–far from labor intensive.  Plus, the kids think that making pitas is really awesome.

I’m hooked and I can’t see going back to store-bought Pitas anytime soon.  The best part though:  My Picky Eaters LOVE the pitas.  Hooray!

Do you make pitas?  Have any suggestions or recipes to share with other moms?  Please leave a comment below!  Psst… if you have an oatmeal & flax pita knockoff recipe, I know someone who would love to try it…. 😉


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