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It’s Official: I’m Waiting to Receive my thredUP Bag!

As I continue my mega closet purge–it’s unbelievable how many articles of clothing kids accumulate in such a short period of time–I finally decided to take the plunge and order a thredUP bag.  If you’re not yet familiar with thredUP, you should be!  ThredUP is an Internet era version of a brick and mortar consignment shop, which resells your gently loved or new (and unworn) children’s clothes in exchange for cash or credit.

How it works

You pay $4.95 and thredUP sends you a bag (a “bag deposit”).  You then proceed to stuff in the bag as many clean, current-styled and like new children’s clothes as can fit (up to approximately 15 pounds or 35-50 items).  You then drop the bag off at the post office.  When the bag arrives at thredUP, their experts comb through your stuff and send you money (or store credit) for the items they can resell.  You also get the bag deposit refunded.  You can click over to thredUP and actually see how much money thredUP customers are earning.

I can’t wait to get my bag.  I have mountains of awesome children’s clothes that are awaiting new homes, but I just don’t have the time or patience to eBay or craigslist. ThredUP seems like it could be the ultimate mom solution to dealing with closet build-up!  The best part is soon I just may have clean closets and a little extra cash!



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