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Why I love Shopping at L.L.Bean

I love, love, love, love shopping at L.L. Bean! It’s a mom’s dream. Why? Awesome quality. Decent prices for the quality. No hassle, guaranteed and convenient returns ALWAYS. Exceptional customer service. I walk away from EVERY L.L. Bean transaction feeling good about spending money at the store. I’ve never felt ripped off, screwed over, not appreciated, insulted or not valued.

Here’s an excerpt from my chat transcript with L.L. Bean today.  I live “chatted” L.L. Bean to inquiry about replacing a defective shoe.  Not only is L.L. Bean replacing the defective product, but they are immediately sending me a replacement pair along with a paid mailer to return my defective pair.  No letter writing.  No wasted time or lost time going to the post office or UPS and standing in line to complete a mailing label or package up the item.  A mom’s dream.  A shopper’s dream.  Thank you L.L. Bean.  Your company is a customer service model for corporate America.


JaneAny time you have a problem with an L.L.Bean item, just let us know.
julieI love LLBEAN! Thank you!!!!
JaneDelivery should be on Friday or Monday to your PO Box.
julieTerrific. Enjoy your summer.
JaneWe love our customers! They are the best.

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