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Meet the Latest NEK Moms Contributor, Amanda! is thrilled to announce our latest addition to our growing network of Northeast Kingdom bloggers. Meet Amanda!  

I don’t think it matters if you have planned to have a child your entire life or if it was something that was unexpected, when you have
children it changes your entire perspective of the world.  I am a single mama that is simply trying to find the humor and ridiculousness in what we call every day life.  I was born and raised in Vermont and spent time traveling in my early twenties until I finally landed back at home knowing that there was no-place else I would rather be.  I have an amazing support system and would be a very different person today without them, but that being said I’ve had my struggles just like anybody else.  Being a mom is the one thing I cherish day in and day out and would not change for anything…even with the bodily fluids, temper tantrums, freak-out moments and lack of time to even pee or shower without interruption.  I firmly believe that we need to treasure the little moments and look at what lies directly in front of us, breathing in each thing as it comes and letting go of the things that we don’t need.  You can follow Amanda’s adventures at Sippy Cups and Training Bras.


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