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The NEK Mom’s ’30 Second’ Guide to Vermont’s 2010 Elections: Quick Peek at ‘Next Governor’ Candidates

So you think you don’t have time for politics?  After all, with a baby or children in the house you barely have enough time to shower, brush your hair or even sit down and drink your coffee while it’s still warm, right?  Well, think again!

Whether this is the first or billionth tidbit you’ve read about the upcoming election or candidates, in 30 seconds you’ll have a fresh political sound bite to take to the polls or to discuss with your mom friends at the playground.  And the best part? You’ll be finished here before your little one even notices you briefly stopped playing peek-a-boo!

Here’s your 30 Second Guide to Who’s Who in Vermont’s 2010 Elections for the ‘Next Governor’:

Save these dates:

  • Statewide Primary Election, August 24, 2010
  • General Election, November 2, 2010

Buzz: There are 5 Democratic candidates seeking their party’s nomination for governor!

The Official Candidate List: (Source: Vermont Elections)

Major Party Gubernatorial Candidates:

Susan Bartlett (Democrat): 18 years in legislature, politically moderate views, “Budget Know How,” wants to create Office of Innovation and Intellectual Property, moved to VT at age 15, raised foster children, has two cats named ‘Howard’ and ‘Dean,’ experience growing organic vegetables, once co-owned a yarn store, has a Master’s Degree in Special Education, voted in favor of Act 60 (to equalize education dollars in VT towns) and for civil unions.

Brian Dubie (Republican):  Lt. Governor, Air Force and National Guard experience, fifth generation Vermonter, middle of 7 children, graduated from UVM, has 4 children, wants to grow jobs, pro-life, opposes same-sex marriage.

Matt Dunne (Democrat):  Former state lawmaker, youngest Democratic candidate, currently works for Google, born in CT, but grew up in VT, his father, a civil rights activist, died when Dunne was 13, has three young children, priority to “bring broadband Internet service to the “last mile” of every remote road in Vermont.”

Deb Markowitz (Democrat):   Secretary of state for 12 years, mother, worked part-time as a lawyer as a new mom, UVM grad, attended a public high school, daughter of a lawyer and stay-at-home mom, played roles in establishing Vermont Women’s Leadership Initiative and Safe at Home program (domestic violence), has ‘Jumpstart Vermont’ plan and a clean energy jobs plan, including tax breaks for renewable energy, supports raising high school drop out age to 18.

Doug Racine (Democrat):  Involved in politics for 3 decades, claims he doesn’t “sugarcoat”, lost 2002 election for governor to Douglas, focused on health care and education, supports consolidating school districts, born in Burlington, attended Princeton University, divorced, no children.

Peter Shumlin (Democrat):  Experience as a state representative, pushed vote against re-licensing VT Yankee, entrepreneurial-minded – helps run family business that organizes trips abroad, runner and x-c skier, has two teenage daughters, he was middle of three children, born on a dairy farm, diagnosed with dyslexia as a child – claims that gave him the drive to work “twice as hard” to get what he wanted, focused on creating jobs.

* * * * * * *  Any political mom thoughts, NEK Moms? * * * * * * *

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