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Halloween Safety Tips

“Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. The first one says, ‘oh, my, it’s getting late….'”  As Halloween approaches and weekend fun begins, here’s a refresher on kid safety:

* Double check your child’s costume to ensure that it’s safe–fire retardant, high visibility, no loose parts or pieces that could pose fall/trip hazards, large eye openings in masks for good peripheral vision.

* Ensure there’s a designated adult to supervise and go door-to-door with little ones; talk with older children and know their plan–so you know where they are or should be as the Halloween fun gets going; have children check in with periodically, even if by quick text or cell call.

* Remind children about stranger danger; this includes not getting into cars with strangers or going inside homes.

* Take a peek at the State sex offender registry, so you know which houses might be off-limits–but see point above about stranger danger.

* Remind children that having fun doesn’t mean they can forget their manners–beyond thank you, remind them to be respectful of property, others and animals along their trick-or-treat route.

* And, while the list goes on and on, remember to take a look at the treats collected during the night, visually inspecting candy wrappers and treats for any signs of tampering.  Trash treats that aren’t wrapped in factory packaging, unless you personally know who gave the treat to your child and trust that the treat is safe for consumption.

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