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Music Lessons for Children

Moms, it looks like there’s a new music teacher in town.  A mom herself with music credentials, Tamyra Hartsock offers music lessons in her St. Johnsbury home.  Her website says that she takes beginners to advanced students, including adults, 4 year olds for pre-piano training and children with special needs.  To learn more, click over to The Piano Page.

Other children’s music offerings in and around the NEK include Kindermusik with Kristen Langlais.

Catamount Arts also offers music opportunities and events for children and teens.

Who else teaches children’s music classes in the NEK? Spread the word!  Leave a comment below.

*Disclaimer:  NEK Moms does not have any affiliation with the above instructors or offerings, nor does any mention of local programs or offerings serve as endorsements.  NEK Moms was not compensated for this post, unless otherwise disclosed. NEK Moms merely reports on local offerings of interest to moms and children.

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