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Freebies Galore – Gotta Love Free Stuff for Moms

Love free stuff? Of course, you do! In the spirit of freebies, here are 10 places in and around the ‘Net where moms can get freebies and product samples.

1. OB tampons. Moms can request free samples from the o.b. website.  *Moms, if you didn’t know, there was recently an o.b. shortage, but the product is on its way back to stores.

2.  Huggies.  Want to win free diapers for a year?  Try your luck at the Huggies site, and while you’re there, you may find out that site registration may net you a diaper sample or two.

3. Giveaways Galore.  If you’re a lucky duck–you know the kind who makes family and friends jealous when you announce you’ve won yet another giveaway, auction, contest, or lottery, you’ve got to check out Prizey!

4.  Head & Shoulders.  If those aren’t snowflakes in your hair, hop over to P&G Brands for a free Head & Shoulders sample.

5.  Seventh Generation.  Get coupons for free from Vermont’s own, Seventh Generation.

6.  Lacoste Perfume Sample.  Score a free sample here at the manufacturer’s site.

7.  3D Whitestrips from Walmart. Dream of Hollywood white teeth?  Here’s your chance to score a sample of Crest Whitestrips.

8.  Yoplait.  Grab a free cup of Yoplait yogurt via the company’s Facebook page.

9.  Goodnites.  Kiss those kiddo nighttime accidents goodbye, eventually.  In the meantime, get some bedwetting swag–well, uh, samples–from Goodnites here.

10.  Shout Catcher.  Wait a minute, there’s no longer a need to separate colors?  Guess not, according to this new product from Shout.  You can get a sample from the manufacturer here.

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Disclaimer:  NEK Moms has no affiliation with the above companies or products, nor endorses or makes any guarantees about any of the above products.  This compilation was created simply by researching products and links that may be of interest to moms. You can read the NEK Moms Disclaimer here.

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