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Mom Buzz: Eating Local Could Create Vermont Jobs

Here’s a little food for thought, NEK Moms (and Dads).  According to a brand spankin’ new report, if Vermonters double their consumption of locally produced food, the State could see the creation of 1,500 jobs in the next decade.

Though some may think farms and farming are a thing of the past, Vermont’s new Gov. Peter Shumlin suggests otherwise.  In a recent news conference Shumlin said, “As bleak as it looks right now for many of our dairy farmers, Vermont has an extraordinarily bright agricultural future.”

Between Vermonters buying local food for at-home consumption and eating at local establishments that buy from local food producers, Vermont’s food system and job market have the potential to thrive.  One way Vermonters can support job creation is by supporting Community-Supported Agriculture (CSAs), whereby people buy shares of local farm crops and in return receive fresh, weekly delivery of seasonal produce.

Chandler Pond Farm, owned and operated by a lovely farm family in South Wheelock, offers one example of a CSA in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.  For $345, Vermonters can obtain a regular share, which includes a basket of in-season herbs and veggies each week.  For an additional $58, Vermonters can get a dozen fresh eggs per week.

To see a list of Community-Supported Agricultural Farms in Vermont, click here.

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