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A Mom’s Guide to Stomach Bug Survival

Apparently there’s a powerful stomach bug hanging around these parts lately.  As luck would have it, it happily found its way into my home.  Hmm… maybe that’s because I’m always one wipe too late at those shopping cart-sanitizer wipe stations.

Okay, let’s get off on the right footing.  I’m NOT a doctor, so if you have medical concerns or questions about gastrointestinal issues or signs of dehydration, you should contact her (or him) asap.  But if you’re looking to relate to someone who knows what it’s like when FOUR children throw up AT THE SAME TIME, read on.  I now think I’m qualified to spew family-friendly tips on stomach flu survival.

Tips for Family Stomach Bug Survival

1. Hydration, hydration, hydration.  Keeping little ones sufficiently hydrated, especially when they don’t want to drink or eat, isn’t always easy.  Keeping a small stash of frozen pedialyte pops or homemade frozen popsicles works wonders, especially when junior is uncomfortable and needs distraction from stomach discomfort.

2. Get prepared with supplies. At the first signs of stomach trouble, compile an easily accessible stash of “throw up” bowls, towels, paper towels, cleaners, extra blankets and pillows.  It’s no fun scrounging around the closet at 3am looking for clean, replacement blankets.

3.  Keep the washer going.  Doing laundry may be the last thing on your mind, but keeping the washer going, even throughout the night, means no pile up of yucky towels or clothes sitting around while you await rushing the next child to the bathroom.

4. Repeat “this too shall pass.” Thankfully, pesky stomach bugs usually don’t hang out for long.  That’s probably why they are often called 24-48 hour bugs.  So remind yourself, a little extra time with your family is a good thing, even if it’s not exactly the most pleasant of circumstances that brings you together.


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So, parents, what are your stomach bug survival tips?  Spill it here in a comment below!




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