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Couponing Myths Busted

If you’re new to the amazing world of ultra couponing and super deal finding or are interested in saving money, but think using coupons to save money is not your cup of tea, read on!

5 Coupon Myths Totally Busted

Myth #1. I’ll look ‘poor’–so I must be ‘poor’–if I use coupons. ‘Rich’ people certainly don’t use coupons.

Toss this myth pronto.  Smart, savvy people of all income levels use coupons.  Sure, maybe Bill Gates doesn’t march up to a checkout counter with a pile of coupons, but to get where he is today, he likely has made wise money decisions over and over along the way, which likely included looking for deals and making smart use of money.

People will be people.  Some will judge you, others will applaud your money smarts for making the best use of your money, especially in this economy. Really, who the freak cares what others think about your coupon usage?  If I can save 50 , 75 or 90% of my groceries and then use the savings to hit a nice Thai or sushi restaurant afterwards for a “free lunch”, or pile up my weekly savings up toward a ‘free’ vacation to the Caribbean, people can think or say anything they want about me and my coupons.

Myth #2:  It takes so, so, so much time to coupon.

Well, you could easily pour 60+ hours a week into couponing if that’s your passion or obsession, but you could just as easily spend a few minutes a week and still save oodles.  For example, say every week you buy 1 package of Thomas English Muffins.  If you can find and consistently use a coupon source for $1 off, and your local store doubles that amount, you’ll save $104 in one year!  That’s just one item!  Imagine what you could save immediately and over the long haul if you religiously used two or more coupons every week?  Obviously, the more time you spend and the more extreme you are, the more you can save!  Even just flipping through the weekly grocery store flyer and using any included coupons can save you money, and it only takes a minute or two!  Realistically couponing doesn’t have to drain your free time.

Myth #3:  It’s expensive, initially at least, to start couponing.

Nope, it’s not, really.  You don’t even have to buy expensive Sunday newspapers with coupon inserts.  If you ‘open’ your eyes to coupons, you’ll start seeing them everywhere.  Your favorite magazine probably includes a few coupons (e.g., Self Magazine recently featured Rite Aid coupons), extra coupons abound in grocery stores (keep your eyes on those food sample tables), and you probably know someone who doesn’t use the coupon inserts in their own newspapers (ask nicely, and you will receive!).  Of course, the Internet is a coupon goldmine.  Oh, and you don’t need fancy scissors, binders, or an extra large kitchen table either, though they may help get the job done!

Myth #4:  There aren’t coupons for the stuff I use, especially healthy food.

Think again.  There are coupons for ‘healthy’ and organic food.  Whether you’re looking for organic milk, Silk soymilk or Amy’s products, coupons do exist!  Some coupons even encourage healthy purchases.  For example, I recently scored a free Honest Abe’s drink with the purchase of lettuce!  You can even find coupons for eco-friendly cleaning products and healthy living products.

Myth #5:  It’s a waste buying something just because it’s free or a good deal.

Maybe, if you get something, stash it away and let it expire.  But it’s not always a waste. Remember, you don’t have to keep everything you get.  Think about donating stuff you won’t use or need.  Homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and food banks, always need donations.  So, whether you score a handful of free toothbrushes or a few extra cans of corn, couponing can turn into an amazing way to help others in need.

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Have another myth to debunk?  Post it below in the comments!!!!

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