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Price Chopper to Stop Doubling Coupons up to $1, Disastrous Impact on Rural Vermont Families

Effective July 1oth, Price Chopper St. Johnsbury will no longer double coupons with a face value of a $1.00.  According to Price Chopper management, the store will only double coupons up to $.99.  Though this may seem trivial to some, it’s a HUGE change with potentially disastrous consequences for rural Vermont families who depend on coupons to make ends meet.

NEK Moms, we’re talking about impacts on REAL Vermont families.  Families who really struggle.  Families who can feed their families each week because when they use a $1 coupon toward an item, that becomes $2 off, instead of $1 off.  This isn’t reality “extreme couponing” television for most Vermonters.  It’s life.

Price Chopper policy has long had different doubling policies at stores.  Now, apparently, a new policy will be consistently applied to all stores, allowing doubling only up to $.99.  But isn’t that good enough, you ask–after all they haven’t ended the policy altogether? And yes, we’re talking corporate policy here, not constitutional rights.

Quite frankly, no.  This policy change isn’t okay for rural, poor, struggling families.  The policy change may be a way to cut down on aspiring TLC extreme couponers, but Price Chopper could have made different policy decisions if this was really the goal it was looking to achieve. Given that so many coupons have a coupon face value of $1.00, and comparatively few have lower values, this policy change hurts everyday rural families.

Not all Price Chopper stores are located in similar communities, with customers of like socioeconomic backgrounds– some are in affluent communities, but others, like the one in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, are not.  If you’ve ever attended a Price Chopper midnight madness sale in St. Johnsbury, where there’s barely any elbow room to squeeze a cart down aisles (no joke, moms), you know that families USE coupons locally.  Sure, maybe some coupon usage is for fun and games–and to score mega deals–but for many it’s about getting good deals that feed families and stretch budgets.

Price Chopper St. Johnsbury is the area’s major grocery store chain.  The store likes to hold itself out as a supportive community member.  To illustrate, just a few days ago over Father’s Day weekend, Price Chopper featured a customer and community appreciation day.  However, Price Chopper’s new, uniform policy undermines any depictions of appreciation.

Other St. Johnsbury and local NEK businesses should also be alarmed by this policy change, as it means that unhappy Price Chopper customers will take their business elsewhere–likely to Shaw’s, which is across the State border in Littleton, New Hampshire. Yet, one more reason, Littleton becomes a one-stop box store destination.  Note: Shaw’s only doubles up to $.99, but if Vermonter’s take their business elsewhere to express dissatisfaction with Price Chopper, as they are known to do, this “little” policy change could potentially impact where Vermonters choose to spend their money in a big way.

So, the net is… Price Chopper will surely lose it’s local, competitive edge, struggling NEK families will struggle more, unhappy shoppers will flock elsewhere, likely across the border to New Hampshire (sorry, probably not to White’s because White’s still doesn’t accept Internet coupons, though at least one store will double up to $1), and families will spend more of their money elsewhere which may impact the local, NEK community.

What Can You Do, Moms? Let Price Chopper know what you think.  Email:  consumerresponse@pricechopper.com.  Post on Price Chopper’s Facebook page.  Talk to Corporate management and local store management.  Take your money to White’s or Shaw’s or elsewhere.  Speak up.  Be bold.  Let corporate America know that moms are a force to be reckoned with… ’cause frankly, without action now, the next policy change announcement could be worse.



  • April

    I am right there with you ladies. I just found out a bit ago that my Price Chopper that I loved so much is now no better to me than Shaws. I would travel to do my shopping at Price Chopper but now am faced with looking for the best deals at the stores that are closer to me. I am totally bummed out about this change! 🙁

  • Dawn

    I just found out about this the other day. I am still very angry about it. It sounds silly that this could upset me but this means about one less shopping trip a month if I were to continue shopping at Price Chopper. Our family will be losing an average of $50 a month by this change. Luckily I live in Orleans County so I will be shopping at Vista where yes they only double up to .99 BUT, they will give you $1.98 for a .99 coupon. I REFUSE to shop at Price Chopper after this change is made. I will be going one more time to use up as many coupons for the items Vista does not offer before the change then thats it! If Vista doesnt offer the item Im looking for I guess I can go to Shaws or go with out!

  • Tamra

    I’ll be taking my business to Hannafords instead. Their prices are cheaper overall and my non-doubled $1 coupons will go further there than at Price Chopper.
    I sent me message to PC and posted on their Facebook Wall. I hope they change their mind before losing so much business.

  • Ashley

    Not only will PC not be doubling $1coupons but now saving can not exceed 50%: “The total of all double coupons cannot exceed 50% of the order after AdvantEdge discounts. Single value will be deducted there after.”- from PC coupon policy. This is devastating for my family as I am currently only working part time and on a very limited income with a 8month old baby. I use my pay check (which isn’t very much) for the groceries and gas for our family. Coupons and the fact that they doubled helped us be able to get better food; with the money I saved on ‘boxed food’ I am able to buy more fresh produce and meats. I am not trying to be a ‘kazy coupon lady’ but saving and being able to make my dollar stretch is important. I believe that you are right in saying that many people will be shopping else where. I know that I will be going to Littleton’s Walmart and Shaw’s after July 10th as their prices are lower (example I was able to get Kraft Mayo for $2.50 at walmart, it is almost $5 at PC.).

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