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Holiday Decorating: DIY Fabric Christmas Tree Chain Using Baby’s Fabric

Last year I stumbled across this Vermont woman’s beautiful paper (fabric) chain tutorial, and immediately I knew I had to make one. Like her, I’ve always loved paper chains.  Every year, cranberry & popcorn strings are a tradition in my house, so this also seemed like the perfect added touch.  I love how she suggests velcro or snaps, so you can reconfigure or add loops over the years.

This got me thinking….  how about adding chain loops using sentimental baby fabric?  Say, a strip from a favorite baby blanket or strip from an old stained, but super loved baby t-shirt?  Then I started thinking…. what a cool way to showcase and remember pieces of old running race t-shirts or clothing memorabilia from the past year?  Talk about a fun, easy way to re-purpose fabric and hold onto special memories (without keeping all the clutter!).

Rather than recreating her terrific tutorial, I’m linking to it here.  Thank you Ashley of FITF!



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