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Kingdom Running Club

Moms and Dads, I just got back from an awesome afternoon of running with 9 members of the brand new St. J Striders Running club.  Today was the club’s inaugural run, with runners of all ages, experience and fitness levels.  You were so, so missed!  But no worries, ’cause I know you really want to get fit and you’ll be there next week!  Besides, why wait until the New Year to start resolutions?

The St. J Striders has formed as the next step–say the natural evolution–after the 1st Summer of the Kingdom Trail Running & Walking Series.  If you missed it, that series took place Summer 2011 on the magnificent Kingdom Trails, featuring a 5K-ish weekly (Tuesday night), low-key community fun run (or walk).  There was so much weekly fun and energy from that series, that the idea of expanding to weekly runs and the eventual creation of a Northeast Kingdom Running club — to be a Road Runner of America’s running club chapter –took off!

Why YOU should be part of this club?

If you’ve ever dreamed about finally getting fit, getting off the couch and exercising once in awhile, training for your first 5K or perhaps your 15th Marathon, meeting new friends or giving back to your community in a fun, healthy way, this is the PERFECT opportunity.  There is absolutely no cost to join the club now.  All ages and abilities are welcome.  From the I’ve-never-run-in-my-life-types to I-would-never-miss-a-day-running-types, everyone will find a niche here.

Today runners ran anywhere from 2.5 to 7 miles.  Some ran fast.  Others jogged.  Others ran and walked.  The runners’ ages spanned the spectrum.  The atmosphere was incredibly friendly and supportive.  This club is about having fun and making fitness non-intimidating and attainable!  The club runs on Sundays at 2pm, meeting in the St. Johnsbury Field House Lobby.

Tell your friends and see you next week!

For more info to psych you up…

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