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Dartmouth Study Finds Rural Mothers’ Perceptions, Self-Discipline Linked to Physical Activity & Health

According to a new Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center studyPerceived Intrinsic Barriers to Physical Activity Among Rural Mothers, the way rural moms perceive certain internal barriers to physical activity plays a key role in health & lifestyle.  Ultimately, moms’ perceptions influence cancer risks.

Lead researcher, Dr. Adachi-Mejia suggests that “mothers living in rural areas may be at risk for exercise deficiency.”  According to Adachi-Mejia, “Our findings suggest that internal barriers for rural mothers — self-discipline, time, and interest – are the most salient barriers to making physical activity a priority in one’s life.”  The study which was based on roughly 1,700 telephone interviews with moms in VT and NH suggests that the following perceived barriers impact rural mothers’ levels of physical activity:

1. Lack of interest
2. Lack of self-discipline
3. Lack of time
4. Lack of enjoyment
5. Lack of company
6. Lack of good weather
7. Lack of energy
8. Self-consciousness about appearance during exercise.

Oh, in case you’re wondering… the study finds that “accounting for number of children [women have] did not chance the findings.”  There goes the baby excuse.

So, NEK Moms…. What’s your plan to overcome these 8 barriers to physical activity and healthy lifestyle–and ultimately reduce cancer risks?  Share your exercise in the NEK secrets here in a comment below!!!

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