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NEK Moms: Do you FreeCycle?

So, you live in Vermont!  You must be a tree-hugging, recycling freak, eco-geek, right?  Well, not exactly, right?  Surprise, surprise.  Reduce-reuse-recycle, just isn’t on the forefront of every VT Mom’s minds.  Though there are lots of reasons why it kinda should be…and did you know that you can save a ton of $$ by recycling each week? 

Environmentalism aside, however, if you’re like most moms, your house probably has a bit of clutter–think TOYS!–that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of sometime this century.  But between garbage costs and the hassles of reselling on eBay or donating, it’s often easier just to let sleeping dogs lie, in the closet, attic, garage or basement

Well, here’s an easy solution.  Freecycle!  In Vermont, there are more than ten freecycle groups.  In the NEK, there’s a St. Johnsbury Freecycle Group.  Freecycle consists of a group e-mail list, with the mission of saving resources and easing landfill burdens. 

What to do:  you can join your local Freecycle list.  You can then “offer” items you wish to get rid of on the electronic list.  When someone wants to pick up an item, you tell them where and when they can get the item.  Many people exchange items without ever meeting each other, for obvious reasons such as safety, privacy or scheduling, and leave offered items in a bag on a porch step or at the end of a driveway for pick up. 

Freecycle is a useful way to de-clutter your house, while giving your items away to someone who might actually put the items to good use.  The principle is simple:  give it away, instead of throwing it away.  For some, it’s often also a great way to find a much needed item, especially in a rural community where a long drive might otherwise be necessary to get the item.  For example, if a mom needs a high-chair for use while a relative comes to town, she could quickly post a “wanted” post to the Freecycle list and voila! she might just find the item she needs for free!

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