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Teaching Children About The Holiday Giving Spirit: Operation Christmas Shoebox Gifts

If you’re looking to get your child involved in helping and giving to others this holiday season, Operation Christmas Child is collecting gift-filled shoeboxes Nob. 15th-22nd in the St. Johnsbury area.  Here’s the scoop:  you find a shoebox, wrap it (optional), put small gifts inside of the box and deliver it to the local drop-off location (Lyndon Bible Church, 250 Brown Farm Rd, Lyndonville).  Talk about an easy way to make a difference in a child’s life this holiday season–both in your child’s life and in the life of the one receiving the shoebox!

**NEK Moms:  If you know of other local holiday gift-giving charity events or projects, please leave a comment below and tell other NEK Moms!  Let’s all get involved this holiday season!

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