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Learn to Sew: Moms, Teens & Children Can Sew at Vermont Sewing School!

Whether you’ve always dreamed about learning how to sew, need to brush up or expand your skill set or hope to introduce your child to the joys of sewing, here’s your chance!  Right in the heart of downtown St. Johnsbury, there’s now the Vermont Sewing School (446 Railroad Street, 2nd Floor). The school offers a range of classes and teaches students of all ages.

Owner, dressmaker and designer, Susannah Allen, has taught students “as young as 7 and as old as 70.”  Allen’s classes are listed on her website.  Her small classes (limited to 3 students), give students the opportunity for personal attention.  Allen explained to NEKMoms that in her classes, “each student will have use of a machine and cutting
table on which to work. In Beginner Classes, all supplies and use of
the machines are included. Once they move onto clothing, students buy
their own fabrics and notions. I like to match age groups in a class
as best I can. It in not uncommon to have friends sign up
together.They only need 3 to fill a class.”

For moms looking for the “right fit,” Vermont Sewing School offers a variety of classes, including in the past ‘Mommy and Me’ classes and Kids Beginner Classes, which include convenient scheduling for homeschoolers.  Allen also tailors fun classes specific to interest, such as private lessons or specialty sewing–who knows, perhaps even accommodating your tween’s request for a ‘fashion’ theme birthday party?!?

What also makes this a mom-friendly pick?  Gotta love the School’s mission statement: “It is not our intention to teach you how to make something. It is our intention to teach you to sew, so you can make anything.”  Cool mission, huh?

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