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Coupons to Save on Valentine’s Candy

Buying candy for my kids brings on classic mom anxiety/guilt.  Of course, there’s the sugar.  I know it’s not good for them.  What mom wants to think about the scary C word, diabetes or sugar-induced temper tantrums in the check out lane?  Then there’s the immediate issue of distracting the kids long enough to avoid candy displays, or saying no for the zillionth time to those adorable little faces asking begging for candy that lies within reach.  Only as a parent do I now appreciate candy-free checkout lanes.

But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, what’s a little guilt free sugar?  Sweet coupons only make the sugar rush sweeter.  Print off these deals before you do your Valentine’s shopping run.

  • Like Wonka on Facebook and score $1.00 off coupon on LIK-M-AID Fun Dip, Pixy stix, Laffy Taff or Nerds.  Or print it here (thanks Free Coupon Alerts).
  • Like Butterfingers on Facebook and score $1.00 Butterfinger hearts.
  • Like Nestle Crunch and score a $1.oo Valentine’s coupon.  Or grab it here.

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