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The Northeast Kingdom’s Best Mommy Mood Uplifter: Hollyberry’s Chocolate Cupcakes

Shh…I’m going to tell you a little secret. Hollyberry’s Chocolate Cupcakes are a girl’s–or mommy’s–best friend. Whenever I get lucky enough to see a 4-pack still on the shelf at The White Market, I convince myself that I must buy the package–it’s destiny.
Trust me, though, freshly baked in the quintessential Vermont town of East Burke, these cupcakes do not sit on the shelves for long. Really.

If you’re lucky enough to see a lone package, especially on a Saturday night, like I did tonight, dare I say, you are silly not to buy them. Ahem–they are so good, I’m blogging about them right now–that says something, don’t you think? Of course, if you’re allergic to flour, sugar, mayonnaise, water, cocoa, baking soda, vanilla, salt, confectioners sugar or butter or on a restricted diet, you’re totally excused and definitely deserving of a mommy substitute. But for the rest, one bite and any mommy worries or stress promise to disappear while you indulge. Normally, I wouldn’t advocate eating stress away, but for these cupcakes an exception is warranted.

You’ve been warned. Hollyberry’s cupcakes are an instant mommy (and hmm…daddy?) mood uplifter. Enjoy…and oh, from time to time, might you please leave a package on the shelf for me?

Gotta love Made in Vermont’s NEK.

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