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Kingdom Trails Summer Season 2012 Opens Early – Saturday, April 21st! What this Means for NEK Families!

Kingdom Trails Association has just announced an awesome surprise for outdoor enthusiasts and aspiring adventurists!  The Darling Hill side of the Kingdom Trail network will open earlier than anticipated–this Saturday, April 21st.  Thanks to landowner agreement and warm temps, those trails are opening ahead of the original May 1st schedule.

If you’re not reading this news and jumping up and down (and maybe shouting…even during baby’s nap time!), it might just be because you’re not entirely sure what this trail network means for you or your family.  Here’s what this award-winning trail network located in your Northeast Kingdom backyard means:

  • Year-round outdoor family adventure – Mt. Biking, Downhill Biking, Running, Hikes & walks–maybe even discovering Geocaches planted on/near the trails–for all abilities and ages.  In the winter, ultra fabulous cross-country (Nordic) skiing and snowshoeing!
  • You can FINALLY get into awesome shape.  Miles and miles and miles of beautiful trails, which are easily accessible, affordable, designed for all abilities, everyone in the NEK–before, during or after work/nap time/after school/on weekends, you get the picture, mean that you can ditch the “But, I don’t have ________ (fill in the blank…time/money/hot workout clothes) excuse.”
  • If you want to ride the trails, all you need is a bike and a helmet.  That’s it.  Nothing fancy.  You don’t need a blinged out $5,000 bike to ride the trails.  Hey, if you’ve got one great.  But, here’s the kicker:  a bike from Walmart or bought used on Craigslist will work just fine!   Though “technique” comes in time, if you can pedal your bike, you already know how to ride and can ride the Kingdom Trails.  
  • You and your kids can enjoy family time together on your bikes and/or feet!
  • The trails can be used as a day-trip destination or grab a family pass and dabble–an hour here, 45-minutes there….
  • Kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to play at the Parr’s Park Bike Park (on bike…or foot when other riders aren’t around), which is located right in the Village of East Burke.  There’s a picnic table there, so mom and dad can ride, too or just sit and chill out.  Maybe even catch up on local gossip or parenting politics with other parents.
  • The trail network has clearly marked trail level ability designations (like those found at the mountain) – green for easy, blue for intermediate, etc.  So, no worries about “accidentally” getting stuck on a super hard route.  Hey, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with getting off your bike.
  • The trails are for LOCALS, too.  Need I repeat that?   The Kingdom Trail network is built with local blood, sweat and tears.  Every trail is meant for YOU to enjoy, as well as all of the visitors/tourists who can’t wait to visit (and wish they could trade places with you and live right here in the NEK).  Don’t be fooled by all the out-of-state license plates you see, thinking that you have to be from somewhere else to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity.  Local landowners have made use of these trails possible for YOU to enjoy and appreciate.
  • Family passes are affordable!  At $150 for the year, this is perhaps one of the best entertainment values in the entire State of Vermont for families.  Plus, the money goes toward Kingdom Trails Association’s efforts to conserve land, build a powerful trail network that brings fitness and fun to everyone, which ultimately has a major impact on the NEK economy.
  • Education, education, education.  Beyond the obvious fun and adventure, there’s a lot of learning and appreciation that can take place for the Earth when using the trails.  Trail use is a great start for lengthy conversations with your kids about conservation, wildlife, natural resources and green save-the-planet fundamentals.
  • Staycation anyone?  Don’t have the time or money to go far away this Summer?  You’ve got an amazing family playground right in your backyard.
  • Friday night kids’ rides with Kingdom Trail’s popular ambassador and rider extraordinaire, Lilias.
  • Using the trails helps the local economy.  Who can resist a breakfast burrito before a ride at the Northeast Kingdom Country Store or an after adventure ice cream at Chappy’s or drinks at Burke’s Tamarack Grill?
  • The 2nd Annual Kingdom Trail Running Series is just around the corner.  This weekly, casual fun run and walking series, guarantees to get your blood pumping and put smiles on your children’s faces.

What does the Kingdom Trail Network mean for you and your family?  Leave a comment below.

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