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Beaches, Beaches, Beaches: Favs of Northeast Kindgom Moms

Summer may be winding down, but it’s not over ’till it’s over!  If you haven’t yet made it out to the beach with the kids, there’s still time.  Grab sunscreen, a beach umbrella, towels and maybe a cooler packed with sandwiches and you’re off!

Here are four mom-approved fun in the NEK sun beach destinations:

1.  Lake Willoughby, Westmore, VT.  This gorgeous lake offers public beaches at the North and South Ends. The drive along Lake Willoughby is breathtaking and kids love hearing the tale about the lake monster.  Tip:  If you’re looking to buy snacks, drinks or sandwiches, don’t plan to find the convenience close by the lake. You’ll have to drive, so plan a stop before hand at a store such as Kerrigan’s Market (or order yummy food there online!).   View Map

2.  Lake Seymour, Morgan, VT.  Features a public beach at the north end of the lake and fishing.  Tip:  There is a convenience store near the beach in case you forget something!  And, it’s possible to launch a kayak or canoe nearby.

3.  Crystal Lake, Barton, VT.  A kid-friendly favorite with a sandy shoreline, shade by plentiful trees, bathhouse, play area and snacks.  

4.  Brighton State Park, Island Pond, VT.  Features opportunities for swimming, picnicking and boat rentals.

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NEK Moms, what’s your favorite beach destination?

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