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Easy Christmas Project for Children – Magic Reindeer Dust

On Christmas Eve, my children spread “Magic Reindeer Dust” on the lawn to help guide Santa and the Reindeer to our house.  It’s a tradition that started when my oldest child was in preschool.  Though it may not be totally “eco-conscious” (more about this later), making the magic dust and then watching children sprinkle it over the lawn on Christmas Eve is so much fun and an experience they talk about throughout the year.

Legend has it that when children sprinkle the magic dust (also sometimes called Reindeer Food) made up of uncooked oatmeal and glitter over the lawn on Christmas Eve, it will help Santa and the Reindeer find your house. The glitter will sparkle under the starlight and help guide Santa, and the smell of oats will help guide the reindeer to your house.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Uncooked oatmeal, quick or rolled oats.
  • Glitter (okay, if you’re worried about the impact of this on your lawn/environment/animals, you can always use sugar sprinkles instead)
  • A ziploc baggie or small container

Mix oats with glitter in the container, using as much or as little as you wish (1/2 cup of oats is about a good amount per child–enough to get a few handfuls and toss come Christmas Eve).  On Christmas Eve, bundle up the little ones and head outside!  Don’t forget the video camera!

Magic Reindeer Dust also makes for a cute gift.  In which case, you may wish to attach a little note on the baggie or container with ribbon about the Magic Reindeer Dust.  Here are two sample verses:

“To Boys and Girls, both young and old.
the legend has been told.
On Christmas Eve, sprinkle all over your lawn.
This glitter to lead Santa to your house before dawn.
The smell of the oats will guide the reindeer directly to you.
The Christmas Hope in the magic dust helps make your wishes come true.
But,remember as soon as your done
Off to bed, you go, hurry, run.”
-From eHow

“On Christmas Eve, Sprinkle this Wonderful Reindeer Food On Your Lawn.  The shiny glitter will sparkle in the moonlight and the smell of oats will guide Rudolph to your home.”
– You can find printable tags with this message here.

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