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St. Johnsbury Academy Students Remember Beloved Teacher, Coach, Mom

This morning’s announcement from St. Johnsbury Academy Headmaster, Tom Lovett, to the St. Johnsbury Academy Community, notes that students have filled Fuller hall, creating banners, signs, and luminaria to express love for their teacher, Melissa Jenkins, and to support each other through this tragedy.  Counselors and mental health support services are available today at the Academy to meet with students, faculty and staff.  
Excerpt from the note to the SJA Community, from the Headmaster:
Keep Melissa Jenkins’ family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.  Hold on to each other and support each other through this tragedy.  As I write this, Fuller Hall is filled with students making banners, signs, and luminaria to express their love for Melissa.  They will bring them to the gym later tonight.  Even though they grieve deeply tonight, they love deeply, too.  We have amazing kids and amazing community; Melissa helped to shape both, and her spirit lives on in them.  May we all follow her example, and theirs.

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