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Random Act of Kindness: Thank you Mr. Meter Feeder in Montpelier, VT

Earlier this month, I felt compelled to express my gratitude for a woman’s random act of kindness in St. Johnsbury.

It’s incredibly easy to make a small difference in someone’s life–or put a smile on someone else’s face. Today, while in downtown Montpelier for a year-end homeschool assessment with my kids, a guy insisted on feeding my meter. Sure, go ahead and interpret as you wish, but it was a seemingly kind and simple gesture and reminder of human goodness.

You see, as I stood near the meter fumbling for change, while periodically glancing up out of my ultra messy purse filled with crushed cheerio bits and outdated coupons to do a child head count, the guy walked by, waived his hand filled with coins at me, and quickly proceeded to fill the meter.  I insisted that I had change, but he continued to feed the meter and then mumbled “God Bless you,” and was gone in a flash.

I so love Vermont.  Thank you, Mr. Meter Feeder in Montpelier, VT.  I’ll pay it forward.


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Did a stranger do something nice for you in VT this week?  Share it below!

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