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It’s Strawberry Season in the Kingdom

Strawberries from Peak View Berry Farm in Brownington

Although from Florida, the “Winter Strawberry Capital of the World,” I never picked my own strawberries growing up. This is strange because 1. I love strawberries and 2. fresh strawberries are so much better than grocery store berries. Since I’ve been in Vermont my husband and I have intended each summer to pick our own but other things came up and we always missed the season. Not this year.

Last night a girlfriend told me that the strawberries were ready at Peak View Berry Farm in Brownington (754-6319 or 323-9292); in fact, she had already picked a flat of delicious berries on Wednesday and insisted we needed to waste no time in getting out there. This morning, Sweet Pea once again woke up early (due to the heat?) so we were able to get out of the house before her late-morning nap.

As we pulled up to the farm I felt very anxious as I saw all the people already in the fields picking – like they were going to get all the berries before we could get out of the car! I strapped Sweet Pea into the Ergo, we picked up our containers (although you can bring your own), and briskly walked out into the field. Unfortunately, every time I stooped down to pick a beauty, Sweet pea threw a fit; apparently she was not so excited about this berry picking business. So, I ended up doing a lot of walking, bouncing, and swaying while my husband did the majority of the picking.(I did let her suck on one and she loved it – I’ve got red stains all over my Ergo to prove it!)

After 45 minutes or so we had eight quarts of perfect strawberries for $20! Now that we are home we are enjoying part two of the berry process: deciding what to do with all of them. We’re thinking of freezing some (I am addicted to smoothies), making jam, making a pie, and eating the rest (boy do I love some strawberry shortcake).

Other local farms (Berry Creek Farm in Westfield and LG Begin Farm in Dixville, Quebec)  are also advertising that their strawberries are ready. Don’t miss out on the fun! Plan to visit your local berry farm this weekend to get the best selection.

Naptime means playtime for NEK mom Aimee Alexander, whose creative outlet is writing about all things mom-related over at Mama’s Recess including children’s health advocacy, education, raising kids in rural America, and the occasional project or recipe. You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest!

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